Katie Friedman is a photographer newly relocated to her hometown of Buffalo, NY, after nearly two decades away spent in Boston, San Francisco, and Brooklyn. Previous to returning to Buffalo, she worked in magazines in NYC, holding positions as the staff photographer at Glamour, and previously Elle magazine. Her photography has appeared in Glamour, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, Buffalo Magazine, Glamour.com, Elle.com, HarpersBazaar.com, Cosmopolitan.com, Esquire.com, and MarieClaire.com.

Katie’s adventurous personality is evident in her photography. Her portfolio demonstrates a romantic appreciation for the world around her and a classic understanding of her equipment. From celebrity portraits to landscapes (and everywhere in between) she continually seeks that beautiful moment worth capturing.

Katie lives in the Elmwood Village with her husband and baby daughter Scout.



Akari Iburi is the co-foundress, photographer, and sister of Iburi Photography. Since taking photography full time in August 2018, Akari devotes 99.9% of her time to running the business, connecting with incredible clients and refining her craft. During the other .1% she is daydreaming about being David Bowie’s best friend.

Stephen Gabris


Some say to be a photographer is to be a problem solver, I like this definition. There are so many variables in life, and when we reduce them to a fraction of a second through the view of a lens, we have an opportunity to share something wonderful or expose a confusing array of information. I endeavor to find focus through the narrative of my lens and tell stories of the world on a smaller more intimate scale. Perhaps, these stories form a bond and will change the way someone else sees the world.