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Weekend Reading 9.16.2016

By September 16, 2016Weekend Reading

Editor’s Note: Home Page Photo Credit – John Paul Caponigro.

Some of the most interesting/useful/fun stories from around the web to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup curated by ASMP National Board Member Luke Copping.

• An interesting approach to persuasion and negotiation that makes you more convincing by giving others a better sense of choice. 

• Thoughts on price anchoring and why people will almost always choose the middle 

• Thoughts on library style shooting from a photographer who was one of the originators of the model.

Square is now offering their payroll service in New York State.

• How to talk about yourself and your work without bragging – A must read for those who feel weird about self promotion. 

Sabastião Salgado’s advice for young photographers. 

• Don’t be afraid to embrace the art of creative destruction.

In conversation with John Paul Caponigro.

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