Weekend Reading 8.11.2022

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Weekend Reading

Interesting/useful/fun stories to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated by Frank Rocco. (Image: Michael Hart)

Sleeping Waters: Charlotte Bories Creates the Most Beautiful Underwater Portraits

The Art of the Personal Project: Randal Ford

How to Protect Yourself From Toxic Photographers

Traversing Philosophy & Photography: Lean Lui’s Pinhole Camera x Washing Machine Experiment

Cringey LinkedIn posts like the crying CEO are inspiring a culture of backlash

“Military Kyiv” Portrays Infrared Pictures of the War in Ukraine

How a Flash Fixes Your Old Camera’s Bad Performance

Bricked Epson printers make a strong case for user repairability

Did the Pandemic Put an End to Galleries’ Summer Holidays?

Photographer Spotlight: Jonathan Jasberg

70 ‘Horrifying’ Facts This Guy Probably Shouldn’t Have Shared But Did Anyway

Beautiful, Still.

Gmail is now officially allowed to spam-proof politicians’ emails

Lionsgate ‘Deepfakes’ Expletives To Achieve Safe PG-13 Movie Rating

“When do we get to the marketing part?”