Weekend Reading 7.28.2022

by | Jul 28, 2022 | Weekend Reading

Interesting/useful/fun stories to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated by Frank Rocco. (Image: Tracy Boulian)

50 Of The Most Interesting Historical Photos From The “History In Pictures” Facebook Page

Guess Which Study Photographers Ranked #1 Worst In

The Daily Edit: Ercu: Pam Lau

Impressive Black & White Fashion Photography by Pierre Turtaut

Instagram keeps trying to be TikTok. Fight back with these 2 simple hacks

Photographer Follows Pregnant Homeless Woman in LA Over 4 Years

Ernst Leitz Museum Wetzlar : Andy Summers : A Certain Strangeness – Works from the years 1979–2018

Why Are Chinese Lenses So Affordable? Are Japanese Lenses Worth It?

A Finnish Spring: @anttihoo’s Reflections, in Medium-Format B&W Photos

Russia Declares Departure From The ISS As It Looks To Build Its Own

Arles 2022 : Galerie Art-Z : Bamako encounters

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Portfolio Review

Colorado-Based Wedding Photographer Shines in Vogue

“The Rooted Heart Began to Change” by Photographer Allan Salas

Management with intent