Weekend Reading 3.30.2023

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Weekend Reading

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Interesting/useful/fun stories to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated by Frank Rocco. (Image: Mitch Wojnarowicz)

How Photojournalist Cheriss May Finds Beauty in the Mundane

The Series “Toy Stories” Focuses On Children Around The World Showcasing Their Toy Collections (30 Pics)

Giving Back As a Photographer: An Interview with Michelle Valberg

New Technique Helps Astronomers Shine Light On One Of The Largest Black Holes

NASA discovery reveals an intergalactic gamma-ray burst that could be the brightest of all time

Domonique Swanson: Photographing for Joy, Not Money

Everyone wants to see Michelangelo’s David now

The Photographer Captured Ballerina Anita Pudikova in The Image of The Twins from Atomic Heart, Which She Played in The Game

A Little Known Secret About Creativity

“When I leave, give me no flowers” by Photographer Guanling Chen

Long Live Photography at Art Paris!

‘AD2186’, Matthias Leidinger’s Photographic Exploration Of Awe And Wonder

Photographer Becomes Online Hit With Presets That Mimic Fujifilm X100V

The Art of the Personal Project: Claudine Williams

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