Weekend Reading 2.16.2023

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Weekend Reading

Yulia Saparniiazova @yulia_sv showing off her #nails by @yukiebeautyspa at yesterday's @bronxandbanco #fashionshow
Interesting/useful/fun stories to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated by Frank Rocco. (Image: Frank Rocco)
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How a Documentary on Great Whites Aroused Romantic Notions of Sharks—and Raised Distressing Questions About Race
“Little Cities” by Photographer Rich-Joseph Facun
Photographer and Urban Explorer Caputerd The Most Beautiful Venetian Doors
Mustard Greens Grow Into Fluorescent Plants Thanks To A Special Nano Fertilizer
Are We Going Out of Business? A Photography Rep’s Point of View on AI
Fidelity, compression and culture