Weekend Reading 10.6.2022

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Weekend Reading

Interesting/useful/fun stories to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated by Frank Rocco. (Image: Jeffrey Hanshaw)

3 Things Every Headshot Photographer Needs to Do Right Now

Niksen: The Art of Doing Nothing

The Superb Architectural Concepts by Łukasz Brzozowski

32 Best Pictures Of The Year Selected By The Siena International Photo Awards 2022

Flipping not Clicking…Books for Business

Helen Glazer: Walking in Antarctica

How I Shot a Spread for Harper’s Bazaar Using Only $100 Garage Lights

Photographer Spotlight: Xavier Encinas

Film Photographer Interview – Jessica Dunston

Twitter now lets you put GIFs, images, and videos in one tweet

The Importance of Building Mental Models and How to Do It

NASA’s Asteroid Collision Causes 6K-Mile-Long Tail Of Debris, Seen In New Image

The Art of the Personal Project: Greg Smith

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