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ASMP — American Society of Media Photographers

Workshop: Content Strategy Camp

By May 14, 2020May 29th, 2020Strictly Business Blog, Webinars

A Group Program For Photography Businesses with Content Strategy Consultant Cameron Sterling

Join this 5-week co-creative virtual program to refine and take control of your brandʼs content strategy.

With your businessʼs website and social media content more vital than ever before, this is a timely opportunity for you to hone in and adjust the content experience your ideal clients need to hire you for their project. This group program is structured to help you craft the content strategy your photography business needs, while also utilizing the cross pollination of collective thinking. You will be empowered with a spring board of purposeful content strategy and new supportive peers for these dynamic times.

Are You
Trying to position yourself as the best choice for your clients? An established photographer who is looking for new market opportunities? Having trouble understanding your sunk costs or best revenue streams? Unsure how to use your website as a marketing tool rather than a collection of images and information about you? Struggling to create or edit the images necessary to effectively connect your message with your ideal audience?

What you get
– 5 live 90 minute virtual group meetings
– A recap and recording of each group meeting
– Google doc worksheets to guide you and help you apply what you learn right away.
– Support and perspectives from your peers.

Before the first meeting you will receive a questionnaire to complete and return.
Below is an outline of the topics that we will cover each week. Each stage is designed to help your photography business with key aspects of your ideal clients evolving needs. Since these are interrelated we will discuss them throughout the

In addition to the 5-weekly meetings you will have 1-3 hours of collaborative worksheets to do with shared google docs. The more you put into these worksheets the more you will get out.

Meeting 1 Meet & Greet, Overview, Preparation for Meeting 2, Why You

Meeting 2 WHY YOU: Your Pitch, Your Brand Story, Your Philosophy Preparation for Meeting 3, Why Them

Meeting 3 WHY THEM: Your Client Profiles, Your Services & Packages, FAQʼs Preparation for Meeting 4, The Gap

Meeting 4 THE GAP: Your Risk, Your Calls To Action, Your Marketing Preparation for Meeting 5, You Goods

Meeting 5 YOUR GOODS: Images, Galleries, Image Trends Bringing It All Together, Set Yourself Apart & Say Why


How long is the program? The program is 5 weeks. This program is designed to be a collaborative, actionable, and fun way to re think and adapt your business’s content strategy.

When do we meet?
All meetings are held via Zoom on Wednesdays, 1 30 – 3 00pm EST
Meeting 1 – June 3
Meeting 2 – June 10
Meeting 3 – June 17
Meeting 4 – June 24
Meeting 5 – July 1

How many people will be in the program? The group will be up to 15 people to ensure you get direct attention, while also allowing your peers space to add their perspectives.

What kinds of clients do you work with?
I specialize in working with professional photographers, designers, artists and small businesses in commercial and retail markets. I work with professionals that recognize the significant role visual messages and written language play in branding, marketing, customer on boarding, customer experience, and customer retention. They also understand that their website and social platforms need to operate as a marketing tool that work together.

Do you know certain fields or markets best?
I have worked with all types of photographers from commercial to retail and fine art at mid-career and late career stages. This program will help any professional photographer who wants to refine their content strategy, marketing, and branding for the service of their clients.

Can I ask questions?
Everyone gets time to ask questions to myself and your peers. If you have a question that does not get addressed you can email me. One benefit of the group program is the contribution each member makes.

What types of personality do you work with best and what is expected of me?
The clients who have the best results are the ones who show up for themselves and for others. They are motivated to succeed and responsive to constructive criticism.

I approach every project with empathy, curiosity, and a mission to help you achieve your goals. I provide structure, guidance, support, and encouragement. Because I want you to succeed I will also offer constructive criticism. You are expected to be an active partner in the success of your goals. Your success depends upon many things, including your motivation and focus.

What materials do you offer?
You get access to a shared Google folder for recordings of each session and collaborative Google Doc worksheets.

What results can I expect?
You can expect to:

– Gain clarity and confidence about presenting what you offer and how to position your brand uniquely to your ideal clients.

– Understand your ideal clientsʼ needs and how to show them your unique
position to help.

– Attract more quality client leads and spend less time with unqualified leads.

– Understand how to use visuals and words on the different website platforms your ideal clients are learning about your business.

– Create brand messages that resonate and lead your ideal clients to take the next step in their client journey with you

I am happy to field questions via email or take a 15 minute call to see if this program is a good fit. You can email at ,

About Me

Hi, I’m Cameron.

©Allegra Anderson

I am a content strategy consultant with a virtual process for professional photographers, creatives, and small businesses. My goal is to help you grow your brand position, increase revenue, and build a rewarding business that is better for you and your clients.

Collaborating together virtually through a series of clear steps we craft the language, visuals, and strategic website experiences that your ideal clients need to understand and engage with your business. Creative thinking, research, and empathy are at the forefront of my process.

With 15+ years of experience working with professional photographers of all levels, image art markets, and businesses, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities you have and what a defined audience needs to see to resonate with your brand, project, and call to action.

A few of my clients include ASMP members, Wonderful Machine, Richard Avedon, Hiro, Adobe Stock, Tiffany & Co., Harperʼs Bazaar, and SKI / Skiing magazines. I earned a commercial photography BA at Brooks Institute of Photography in ‘04, a history BA from Kenyon College in ‘98, and studied advertising at the School of Visual Arts in the 2010’s.

Fore more information about Cameron

Registration for Members Opens May 14th
Registration for Non-member Opens May 22th
Registration closes on June 1st

!! Course information including online video links will be sent after registration closes !!


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