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Webinar: 10 Ways to Earn More with Online Photo Sales

10 Way to Earn More with Online Sales by Photoshelter

Right now, photographers all over the world are asking the same question: How do I make money when I’m not being booked for jobs?

One simple answer? Online sales.

If they weren’t a key part of your business strategy already, they’re a great way to earn some extra income now.

Join us for 10 Ways to Earn More with Online Photo Sales on Thursday, June 11th at 3pm EDT. We’ll walk you through the different ways you can set up to sell, plus give you actionable tips to help you generate more revenue with online sales right now – whether you use our tools or not.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn:
– How to find revenue-making opportunities with print, download and licensing sales
– How to use exclusivity, promos and more to amplify demand
– Ways to sell your knowledge or experience
– The importance of SEO and a sales-focused website

…all with real-world examples to get your creativity flowing today.

Meet Our Guest Presenters

Rachel Reiss
Rachel manages Customer Marketing at PhotoShelter, and has been with the PhotoShelter team for almost 13 years. Her main goal is to support, engage and advocate for photographers, from webinars to free business guides to email marketing and everything in between. She’s a photo hobbyist at heart, and shoots with the Nikon D5100. Outside the office she loves to spend quality time with her kids (er, cats), and practice the art of speaking in movie references. Rachel has a BA in Sociology from Stony Brook University.



Caitlyn Edwards Caitlyn is the Community Marketing Manager at PhotoShelter and is excited for her fifth year with the company. She previously worked on the PhotoShelter Technical Support team, so she has a great understanding of the photo community and how to help photographers succeed online. When she’s not nerding out about the latest photography news, Caitlyn can be found running, drinking wine, tending to her houseplants and sharing her latest culinary adventure on Instagram. She has a degree in International Studies from American University.

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