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Tech Talk: Blockchain with Thomas Maddrey & Ford Harmon Scheduled for Monday, June 11th

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Join us on Monday, June 11th @ 3:00pmET

ASMP counsel Thomas Maddrey and Ford Harmon of Maddrey PLLC will begin with a brief introduction into the basic aspects of blockchain technology. They will then discuss why photography has been an area where there has been a fair amount of blockchain-related development. Finally, they will discuss some of the specific blockchain companies or proposed uses of blockchain that relate to photography so as to provide some practical information about current resources that may be beneficial to ASMP members. Bring your questions for the Q&A following the presentation.

About Blockchain

Blockchain, best known as “the technology underpinning” the much-talked-about cryptocurrency—bitcoin—has been making news for having unique characteristics, in its own right, that make blockchain technology itself a disruptive force and far from simply being the underpinning technology to another innovative concept. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are often complimentary, working together to achieve an enormously wide range Blockchain that has been hailed as a solution for just about everything you can imagine, including uses related to photography. In fact, there have been a number of blockchain use-cases and blockchain companies focused on photography that have arisen over the last several years. Given the rise of photography-related blockchain applications that have launched, including Kodak making a splash by issuing its own cryptocurrency (“KodakCoin”), now seems like a prudent time to introduce this technology to photographers.

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