ASMP Strictly Business Webinar: Safety While Shooting – A Guide for Photographers

by | May 8, 2020 | Strictly Business Blog, Webinars

Image: Kyle Loftus

Wednesday, May 13 @3pmET

As photographers of all kinds slowly come back to work, the question remains: how do I safely and legally protect myself and others either in your studio or on location? This webinar presented by ASMP General Counsel Tom Maddrey, and with up to date information, will draw upon data from health authorities, safety compliance officers, insurance companies, and others to arm you with the information you need and the resources you can rely on to step back into the field with confidence that you are doing what you can in this challenging time. 

For studio and portrait shooters, we will talk about the best practices with your studio, models, HMUA’s, assistants, and clients. If you do most of your shooting on location, we will cover the same topics, plus what to do in the field. 

There will be a presentation followed by a live Q&A and links to sets of resources from ASMP that can form the basis of your safety and response plan for your business. 

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