ASMP Presents: Five Things All Photographers Need to Know About Copyright Registration

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Webinars

February 24 @ 3PM ET

In this ASMP exclusive webinar, General Counsel Thomas Maddrey highlights five things that every photographer needs to know when they go to register their copyrights. From the requirements of group registrations, that new spreadsheet, and when is something actually “published”, this webinar will tackle some of the main issues that come up again and again. Of course, there will be an opportunity to ask questions on the process as well. Additionally, there will be a sneak peak at some new members-only resources on copyright registration being launched this Spring. Don’t miss this one!

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Meet the Speaker: Thomas Maddrey

Thomas Maddrey is ASMP’s General Counsel. He is the founding partner and lead attorney for Maddrey PLLC, a boutique firm dedicated to art law and creative business law. His firm is focused on a number of groups including artists, entrepreneurs, collectors, galleries, museums, and other creative individuals and groups. Follow Tom on Twitter @MaddreyPLLC.

His firm’s web address is