ASMP Strictly Business COVID-19 Webinar: Keeping Focus and Moving Toward a Post-COVID19 World with Don Giannatti – Video

by | May 21, 2020 | COVID-19, Strictly Business Blog, Webinar Archives

ASMP Strictly Business COVID-19 Webinar: Keeping Focus and Moving Toward a Post-COVID19 World with Don Giannatti – May 20, 2020

ASMP welcomes acclaimed creative director and visual & content strategist Don Giannatti to our Wednesday Webinar series. Don discusses the three most important aspects of going forward post Covid19 as well as how to keep your focus on what really matters and stop obsessing about the stuff you cannot control. Simple changes in our focus can create immediate as well as long term success.

Meet Guest Speaker Don Giannatti

Don Giannatti has been a commercial photographer for over 50 years. In that time, he has seen many fads, schemes, and ‘strategies’ come and go. But he also has seen and utilized what works, and helps others do that as well. He will always live as a creative, and at this point, he has dedicated much of his energy into the nurturing of those who want to live an extraordinary life as well. 
From a commercial photographer to the owner of a large ad agency in Phoenix, Arizona, Don has been working with creative people his entire life. For the past 10 years, he’s helped hundreds of photographers build a more robust business for themselves by discovering what they truly love to do. From online groups to one-on-one mentorships, his goal has always been to challenge the concepts of scarcity and failure with the reality of the big wins available to those who work for them.
Don offers no quick fixes, overnight successes, or instant riches. He does offer insight into the myriad ways one can move through this thing called a creative life and come out the other end more powerful, more creative, and stronger than ever. This is the time of the creative. This is our time. Together we can build a future for you and your creativity.
Don has taught at creativeLIVE, UDEMY, and at his own educational site, Project 52 Pro System, where he trains people to be commercial photographers and create businesses. He has written 6 books, most available on Amazon, and owned the third-largest ad agency in Phoenix, Arizona (2000-2001). He plays the drums, plays at the piano, and listens to a lot of jazz. When he’s not writing or teaching, he’s most likely hanging out with his wife or solo motorcycling somewhere in Wyoming or Colorado.