Voucher Instruction Sheet

Use a separate voucher form for each check to be issued. To avoid delay of reimbursement or payment, fill out the expense voucher thoroughly. Then, if you haven’t received a fax confirmation within seven days, contact the National Office.

All vouchers must be submitted within 60 days of purchasing by the chapter, and each voucher must be accompanied by original invoices and receipts. Exceeding the 60-day requirement will result in the denial of payment, making it the responsibility of the chapter and/or its officers.

Instructions for completing a voucher form:

  1. Enter the date the voucher is being prepared
  2. Check whether this voucher is for either: a) Reimbursement, payable to the chapter for expense(s) already paid; or b) Direct payment, payable to a provider for services or goods already rendered.
  3. Enter the name of the Chapter to be charged for the expense and the email address to which the confirmation should be sent.
  4. Enter the name of the payee to appear on the check. Use a separate voucher for each payee.
  5. Enter the payee’s complete mailing address, indicating where the check is to be sent, and daytime telephone number.
  6. Provide date and details of the expenditure to be paid or reimbursed under one or more of the listed categories in the space provided on the form.
  7. Attach original invoices, receipts and bills to the voucher form to document the expense(s).
  8. Retain last copy of the voucher form and photocopies of all documentation for your records.
  9. Send remaining copies of the voucher and attachments (#7 above) to the National Office.

Need more info?

Read the Frequently Asked Questions page; it has some useful tips.

At any time, you are welcome to contact ASMP accountants at accounting@asmp.org.