Voucher FAQ

Use a separate voucher for each check to be issued. To avoid delay of payment, fill out the expense voucher thoroughly and include all the required documentation. If you do not get a fax or email confirmation within seven days, contact the National Office.

All vouchers must be submitted within 60 days of purchasing by the chapter and must be accompanied by all the original invoices and receipts. Always keep copies of everything you send.

1. How will this FAQ help me get my chapter expenses reimbursed?

It has advice on ASMP’s policy for reimbursement of chapter expenses. The system was designed to provide a means of funding ASMP chapters that fits within good accounting practices, does not unnecessarily inhibit the freedom of chapter leaders, is manageable from the chapters’ perspective and is manageable from a staff perspective.

2. Where does the money for reimbursements come from?

From ASMP’s National revenues (member dues). Near the beginning of each year, the National Board appropriates a sum of funds, based on the actual dues revenue from the previous calendar year received from the ASMP Members assigned to each chapter. These funds are to be used at the chapter level and at the discretion of the chapter leadership within the parameters set by the Board.

3. Could you explain the voucher system?

The voucher system is simply a means of reimbursing chapters for certain expenses that they incur in the performance of their official ASMP-related functions. Unlike the prior rebate system, the voucher system allows a chapter making a qualified expenditure to report it to National for reimbursement. Alternatively, the chapter can send in a voucher to have National pay an invoice that the chapter owes; the money, of course, comes from the chapter’s annual allocation. Either way, the expenses and purchases must fall within the categories of authorized expenses.

4. What kinds of expenses am I authorized to spend and get reimbursed for?

Generally, chapters fulfill membership recruiting, social and educational roles in ASMP. The main activities are meetings and newsletters, coupled with some administrative apparatus. The types of expenses which flow from these activities are predictable. Printing, postage, graphic design, telephone, speaker expense, food and beverage, facility rental, equipment rental, transportation, part time help, salaries and insurance are good examples. These are the kinds of expenses eligible for payment under the voucher system policy.

The above list is not the final story. As needs evolve, the nature of authorized expenses will be defined by the National Board in consultation with the chapters.

5. What do I need to do to get a reimbursement authorized?

In a nutshell, fill out a voucher, attach the receipts and invoices, and send it to National. The voucher form has spaces for the vendor name, local officer approvals, date of event or newsletter, description of goods or services being purchased, etc. It has a list of the expense categories you can assign. It also has options for sending the payment to the chapter or the vendor.

6. How quickly do I need to send in my voucher form?

All vouchers must be submitted within 60 days of purchasing by the chapter and must be accompanied by original invoices or receipts. Exceeding the 60-day requirement will result in the denial of payment, making it the responsibility of the chapter as an entity and specifically its officers.

7. How quickly will I be reimbursed?

Once received at National and approved, a voucher will be scheduled for payment at the next check writing. National writes checks twice a month.

8. How do I submit voucher and receipts?

The easiest way is to print and fill out the Voucher form, then scan it, and all the receipts and invoices, into a PDF. E-mail the PDF to accounting@asmp.org.

Alternatively, make copies of all receipts, invoices, and the filled-out Voucher form and send the originals addressed to the American Society of Media Photographers at its National Headquarters:

Four Embarcadero Center

Suite 1400

San Francisco, CA 94111

9. Can I get money in advance for an expenditure?

This is discouraged. If the chapter requires advance funding for any purpose, please apply in writing to the Executive Committee of the National Board (the Executive Committee). Your request must include copies of the latest bank statements from all chapter accounts, and should be e-mailed to ASMP’s accounting department. The Executive Committee has the sole discretion in deciding whether to advance the funds.

10. Can a chapter hire an employee?

Chapters shall not hire employees or professional service providers without the approval of the Executive Committee. For tax reasons, all employees must be paid through the National payroll system. The chapter can pay National out of its local accounts, or it can have the money deducted from its annual allotment of National funding. If the chapter’s remaining National allotment funds are not enough to cover the payroll, the chapter must send local money to National in advance of the payroll disbursements.

11. Is there a limit on the amount of an expense?

Chapters may not enter into any financial commitment with a face value of $3,000 or more without the prior review and approval of the Executive Committee. (The Committee must conduct its review within 48 hours of the time your request arrives at the National Office.) ASMP National cannot enter into contractual relationship with its chapters.

12. How do I know specifically what to put in expenses reimbursement for?

Use the categories that are listed on the Voucher form. It describes the types of expenses authorized for reimbursement or purchase. If none of the categories seems quite right, contact ASMP accountants at accounting@asmp.org

13. Where do I get voucher forms and directions for filling them out?

Here are the ASMP Expense Voucher instructions. The Voucher form itself is downloaded as a PDF.

14. I don’t see my question here. How do I get answers?

Start by e-mailing ASMP accountants at accounting@asmp.org. Another good resource is your National Board liaison. And sometimes the best advice comes from your peers in other chapters. You can look them up in the ASMP Chapter Contacts; officers are listed with the “more info” link for any of the chapters.