ASMP COVID-19 Town Hall Q&A – April 10, 2020 – Video

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ASMP COVID-19 Town Hall Q&A – April 10, 2020

UPDATE: In this Town Hall we generally discuss how to calculate the amounts to include in your PPP application. For the sake of absolute clarity, please visit for an article just written that includes the latest guidance on this issue. Thank you! — Tom Maddrey

ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy, ASMP General Counsel Tom Maddrey, and ASMP Copyright Counsel Mike Klipper meet for the fourth in a series of “Town Hall Q&A” sessions.

The Paycheck Protection Program has been open for one week — and many things have changed. On Friday, April 10 the program opens to “self-employed and independent contractors.” Find out what this means, which banks and systems are doing well, and what is not quite working yet. We will also discuss the factors that can help you answer the question of individual unemployment or business loan programs. A Q&A session will follow the discussion.

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