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A Walk in Your Client’s Shoes

By April 27, 2009May 26th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

One of the things that always amazes me about our business is the tremendous risk that buyers of photography services take on an almost daily basis.

Think about it – you’ve got a box that you have to fill.  It might be a box on a screen or on a printed page but it’s an empty box and you’ve got to find someone to produce the perfect image to fill that box on time and within your budget.

That’s a lot of pressure – after all, whether it’s a magazine, an ad, a corporate brochure or any other communication, you probably can’t release it with an empty box.  The box has to be filled and you, your boss and your company have a lot riding on it.

Based on viewing a handful of images and a 15-minute phone call, you’re going to hand a photographer an assignment.  If they fail, you’ll almost definitely lose a chunk of money and may well miss an important deadline or lose a big opportunity.  You could land in deep hot water with your boss or even lose your job.


If it was your job on the line, what would you need to see, what would you need to hear, what would you need to know to feel safe hiring a particular photographer?