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VIDEO: Pioneers of Photography: An Animated History

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“What was photography before film and photographic paper? Before shutters and adjustable apertures? The pioneers of the medium had to experiment and invent. They had to build their own precision equipment and mix reactive chemicals. In this video collection, explore the intrepid personalities who toiled in the dark to bring the nascent art of photography to light.

Journey through the 1800s, where William Henry Fox Talbot first explores the capture of images through light, and Carleton Watkins uses his mammoth-plate camera to photograph landscapes. Then watch as Julia Margaret Cameron defies established techniques to give her images their signature ethereal quality. Witness the precursor to cinematic animation through Eadweard Muybridge’s inventive methods, and finally, enter the 20th century to watch as Man Ray pushes the limits of photography by breaking all the rules.”

VIDEO: Pioneers of Photography: An Animated History

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