Vertical TV Sets

by | Aug 6, 2009 | Strictly Business Blog

Have you ever seen a vertical TV?  I haven’t, but I wonder with the hybrid cameras that look like still cameras and shoot video, will we all be turning our TV’s on end?

The point is that just because the camera shoots video, doesn’t mean the operator will be thinking like a video shooter.  As one who still shoots in both mediums – still photography and video – I have to turn a switch in my head when I switch gears.

Shooting still images are “moments in time.” Shooting video is “time in motion.” You must think more in sequences when shooting video – each one having a beginning, middle and end.  In addition, these independent “clips” need to be edited together to create a story.  When I get into a shot – I need to think about how I will get out of that shot – or what will come next in the story line.

You also need to shoot a lot more when producing video.  You need to “shoot and move” – covering different angles and different focal lengths within those angles. You need a variety of wide, medium and long shots – AND close-ups.  One quickly understands why when you go to edit the piece.  In fact, editing your own material will make you a better shooter.

So when you pick up your new camera that also shoots video – make sure you flip that switch in your head and think differently because it is a different medium.  Otherwise, you’ll be turning your 52″ inch TV set on end.