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Using SKYPE – Read This

By January 26, 2011 May 23rd, 2016 Strictly Business Blog

For effective teleconferences, SKYPE and other video conferences, the New York Times offers some tips if your business requires that you show up electronically.  In an article, “Staying Professional in Virtual Meetings” (“Jobs” section 9/26/2010 issue) they offer the following reminders:
•    Use the mute button if you decide to chomp on potato chips or to mute your screaming baby or barking dog if you are working from home and in a telephone conference with multiple attendees. If it is a one and one meeting, go to a quiet room or call back later.
•    Aside from getting out of sleepwear prior to a video meeting, the Times recommends that you avoid bold striped shirts/blouses…shouldn’t you anyway?
•    If you will be making a virtual presentation: make it shorter than usual, as it is much easier for the attendees to become distracted than when you are presenting live.