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Using the Right Tool For the Job

By June 9, 2009May 26th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

We are visual communicators.  We should choose the right “tool” for what it is we are trying to communicate.

With the new hybrid cameras from Canon and Nikon on the market, still photographers tend to gravitate to them because they are seemingly fit into their comfort level.  Essentially, still cameras that shoot video.

Indie filmmakers love these hybrids because they don’t like the traditional “look” of video and want limited depth of field.  So they played with the new hybrids but have tricked them out well beyond the off the shelf model.

However, if you are a video journalist or shooting a documentary – the audio capabilities are too limiting – at least right now.  In that case you’d be better off spending those dollars on a more traditional video camera.

Another point worth making is that I see a danger in shooting video with a hybrid camera that looks and feels like a still camera.  You don’t want to shoot video – like a still photographer.  Remember it’s a motion tool to capture time in motion – not moments in time.

So choose the right tool for the job or at least for the type of jobs you want to do.