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Tips For a Better Facebook Experience

By June 26, 2009May 26th, 2016Strictly Business Blog
  1.  Complete your FB profile by sharing as much information as you feel comfortable sharing, drawing a line to keep some of your private life private. But, let people know who you are, people and businesses want to know whom they are doing business with and they want to like you.
  2. Stick to your core message. Who or what do you want to be? What image do you want to portray to potential clients? Make sure your message is clear. Don’t deviate from your message.
  3.  Fan Pages vs Group pages. Fan pages are used for developing a business or a brand over a long period of time. Also, Fan Pages have more flexibility in the long run for adding applications to the page, delivering digital content to your fans, SEO, statistics and possibilities for vanity URLs. Group pages do not offer these benefits. Group pages should be used more in a club sort of way (they have a non-commercial connotation to them).
  4.  Building your list of Friends or Fans purposefully. There are varying views on this… one mindset is “the more the merrier” but others tend to build their friends list a bit more methodically. Sometimes you just don’t know who has a friend of a friend that needs or likes your services.
  5. Care about the people that are following you. It’s about having a conversation with your friends, fans or potential clients. You must contribute value to the conversation and be able to listen. If it’s all about you and what you are doing, it won’t be for long. Do not try to be a marketer, be a member first. Relationships before business!
  6.  Be consistent. Use the feeds on FB to communicate with your friends. Post Photos, videos, status updates and more to keep a steady stream of content in the community. Keep your viral visibility high.
  7. Limit your time to a daily schedule. Set limits on your time and delegate tasks where possible. All social media can be a time suck if you let it, but so can TV. Have a strategy and schedule tasks accordingly.  Try to delegate to interns or employees to monitor or track conversations about your Pages. Just make sure you are the voice of the message getting out.
  8. Facebook is just one piece to your marketing plan. Social marketing today, can and should also include others such as Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, and so on.

In closing, let me assure you that social media is NOT just for being social. Anyone who thinks these outlets are going away is mistaken. The way in which we market and communicate with each other about our products and services has radically changed and will continue to shift more to the side of permissions marketing.