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Three Simple Reasons to Return to the Same Location

By August 5, 2019 Strictly Business Blog

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[by Mads Peter Iversen]

Returning to the same landscape photography location several times can vastly improve your photos. Here are three reasons to why returning is a good idea.

As I have managed to make a living from landscape photography, where running tours and workshops make up a substantial amount of my income, I get to return to the same locations several times a year. One of these locations is the characteristic sea stack arch Drangarnir in the Faroe Islands. So far, I have been to this place six times. Once during autumn, twice during spring, and three times during summer.

Learning From Past Mistakes

The first time I visited was during March 2017, and I honestly did not know much about this place as only few people have been there before me. First mistake was to vastly underestimate the hike out there with the result of bonking. Not bringing any food and too little water. That is a mistake I will never do again as it hurts your creative flow and you might have to abandon your “mission”.

When you get back in front of the computer and start analyzing your photos, you also see all the minor mistakes, which you could have avoided by moving the camera an inch to the right or left or up or down. Generally, what you learn by analyzing your photos is experience you can apply to other locations.

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