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The World’s Great Photographers, Many Stuck Inside, Have Snapped

Screenshot of an article on coronavirus posted on the New York TimesCross-posted from The New York Times.  [By Peter Libbey and Jason Farago]  “Stephen Shore, Catherine Opie, Todd Hido and others have turned to Instagram to cure ‘corona claustrophobia’ or show how life has changed. They talk about their quarantine pics.”

“With museums and galleries largely shuttered around the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, Instagram has filled up these last weeks with ‘quarantine content’: snapshots of cramped apartments, pets surprised by their owners’ sudden ubiquity, uncannily deserted street scenes and cautious supermarket shoppers in beekeeping suits. But sprinkled among Instagram’s more than 1 billion users, you’ll also find some of the world’s greatest fine art photographers — some shooting on iPhones or Android handsets, some relying on digital cameras and uploading manually. Against the mandatory confinement imposed from Argentina to Zimbabwe, these photographers have taken to the platform with newfound vigor, plunging their imagery into the swim of the social feed.”

The World’s Great Photographers, Many Stuck Inside, Have Snapped

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