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The Power of No

By June 12, 2012April 21st, 2016Strictly Business Blog

Yeah right.   I want that job!   Who can say no in this economy?   If that’s your negotiating position, I’m here to tell you – that’s not negotiating.  It’s begging.   Have you every been pulled over for speeding and tried to negotiate your way out of a ticket?   Nope, it’s called begging.   And that’s all you can do.   You have nothing to offer the officer to negotiate with him or her to get out of it.   Plead and beg all you want.  Try logic.  I even hear that crying works for some.   But in the end, it’s the officer’s decision and you have to take that ticket if they give it to you.   You have no choice.

Negotiating is a discussion of terms of exchanging valuable goods.   Power in a negotiation is having something the other party needs.   The more they need it, the more value it has to them and the more you can get for it.  They likely have money that you want.  And if you really need it, then you’re willing to give them more for it.   If you have what they need, then they will be willing to give you more for it too.  What you can do for them has value.  View it that way.  Work to exchange things of value in the discussion.   Rushing to meet their timing has value.  Granting certain rights has value.  Delivering quality has value and so does your unique vision of communicating their message.  Even their confidence in you being able to achieve their vision has value.   Recognize your value.  You have the ability to ask for something of value in exchange and you have the right to take what they offer or say no.   They also have that right.   And, if you are not willing to say no, then you’ll get what they decide, just like getting a ticket.   You have no choice.

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