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The Importance of Having a Strong Visual Voice

By September 12, 2019Strictly Business Blog

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[by Jennifer Kilberg]

In today’s world, we’re surrounded and stimulated by visuals. Everywhere we look, we see elements of motion, restaurant menu boards, highway billboards, magazines, the Internet, and, of course, social media. So if you’re an artist or photographer seeking to market yourself, it’s important to have a creative vision and direction that highlights your assets and attributes. This allows you to break through the clutter, get noticed, and get hired.

Through research with creatives, trend reports and industry content, we know that today’s buyers are looking for artists with a clearly defined visual approach. We also know by working with artists every day, that it’s hard to define their visual signature on their own. Artists need an outside support system to help them extract and understand what is important to them. What an artist is attracted to and connected with changes and evolves and their work needs to evolve along with it.

Developing your vision is an exploration that should be done by all artists, even those who have been shooting for 20+ years all the way down to those right out of the gate. This approach is not something you do once in your career. Instead, you should be doing this once a year to see how your vision is evolving. Take a step back, look and analyze what visual content is influencing you in this present moment.

In order to keep your vision evolving, keep shooting with an awareness and a focus. This helps in your editing and marketing. Ask yourself: Who is the audience I am trying to connect with? What are my intentions? What are the adjectives used to describe this work? Be open to change. Be open to evolution. Be consistent in shooting and testing.

First, you have an awareness of who you are. Then, you have to know what you are connected to. When you are connected you have to take action. Own it and be it. When you market from the core that is true to you, your marketing comes off more genuine, which allows you to build relationships that generate trust, which turns into jobs.

Passion + Perseverance = Success.

To learn about the process in evolving your vision, click to download the pocket guide Finding your Vision.

Director of Consulting – Jennifer Kilberg

Visual Consultant and Strategist, Jennifer Kilberg is a city girl living in Georgia. Her sought after expertise has gained her a diverse international client base of artists of all styles and specialties. She approaches each client and project with passion, an intuitive understanding, an easy to work with no-nonsense attitude and a love for collaboration. Having the ability to relate to a client’s most essential needs through real-world experience is just one of the many qualities that Jennifer provides. With over two decades of experience in the business, she is a driving force in the creative community, consulting on portfolio development, branding, and marketing.

Featured image: Martino Pietropoli

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