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The Hands of Labor

Screenshot of article posted at The New York TimesCross-posted from The New York Times. [Photographs by Damon Winter, Text by Binyamin Appelbaum]

Helen “Keller said hands were more honest than faces: We may compose our faces, but our hands speak open and unconscious truths. Keller could feel the differences others see, as between the soft, lacquer-tipped hands of a banker and the rough, oil-stained hands of a mechanic. But she found deeper manifestations of character in the movement of hands. ‘I have clasped the hands of some rich people that spin not and toil not, and yet are not beautiful,’ she wrote. ‘Beneath their soft, smooth roundness what a chaos of undeveloped character.’ Hands were windows on the soul.

The hands here tell the stories of American workers. We see both commonality and diversity. Everyone works with their hands, and their hands testify to the nature of their labors.”

The Hands of Labor


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