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Tech Talk with Mark Fitzgerald: Going Mobile with Lightroom

By October 10, 2019November 15th, 2019Strictly Business Blog, Webinars

Image: Mark Fitzgerald

Wednesday, November 13 @ 12:00pmET

Join ASMP for a discussion with Mark Fitzgerald about using Lightroom on mobile devices.

One of Lightroom’s most underused features is the ability to synchronize the desktop Lightroom Classic catalog with mobile devices. At first this may not sound too exciting. But when your mobile devices become part of your main photography ecosystem, it will most likely change your mobile and desktop workflows.

For example, you can seamlessly share select photos with your mobile devices giving you the ability to have an up-to-date portfolio when you’re on the go. You can also edit those photos on your mobile device and have the edits automatically applied to your desktop catalog, and vice versa. But that’s just the tip of the Lightroom mobile iceberg. My favorite feature is the ability to link my phone with my Lightroom catalog so all phone photos are automatically imported to my desktop hard drive and organized into specific folders. If I delete a photo from the desktop, it’s removed from the phone.

This webinar will explore those concepts and more, such as:

  • Creating flexible portfolios on your desktop that are easily shared to all of your mobile devices.
  • Use your mobile device after a shoot to sort for winners and losers instead of sitting at your computer.
  • Synchronizing to tablets when working with art directors and clients.
  • Uploading impromptu online galleries with a single click.
  • Using a synched folder to speed-up Instagram posting from your mobile device. (You’ll never need to email or text photos to yourself to post from your phone.)

If you’re a Lightroom user, you’ll definitely want to check out this webinar. If you aren’t a Lightroom user yet, you may still want to see what’s possible within the greater Lightroom ecosystem.

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Mark Fitzgerald is a photographer, teacher, and author living in Portland, Oregon. Mark specializes in helping photographers, from seasoned pros to beginners, create post production workflows that work for them. Mark teaches a wide range of Lightroom and Photoshop classes and workshops, and offers web-based private training and consulting to photographers worldwide. Learn more about Mark at

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