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Taking Shots in Portland

Cross-posted from Columbia Journalism Review. [By Nina Berman] 

“TEAR GAS, PEPPER SPRAY, rubber bullets, and flash-bang grenades—instruments of violence frequently seen in authoritarian states and war zones—are now local reporting hazards in Portland, Oregon, where protests against police brutality persist. Numerous photojournalists covering the Portland protests have reported bodily injuries from munitions and chemical weapons, as well as direct physical assaults. Increasingly, such violence directed at journalists seems inevitable—a matter of when, not if—as President Trump deploys federal agents to install his version of law and order.

‘They have been shooting a lot more aggressively, a lot more flash-bangs,’ Mason Trinca, a freelance photographer who has covered the protests for the New York Times, says. ‘It was very clear that they were not de-escalating at all.’” 

Taking shots in Portland

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