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By March 24, 2009 August 9th, 2016 Strictly Business Blog

Feeling creatively stuck? Faced with a problem you just can’t solve? Instead of hunkering down and focusing all your energies on finding the right solution, try getting away from it – mentally and physically. Experts tell us that people do their best thinking when they’re walking, driving or taking a shower.

As a green alternative, biking offers fast-paced scenery changes to stimulate your creativity. And if exercise doesn’t do it for you, meditation might. For some, even mowing the lawn, chopping wood, washing dishes or cleaning will do the trick.

All of these activities require just enough attention to allow your subconscious to wander freely while your conscious mind is otherwise occupied.

I know it works for me – the more I obsess over finding a solution, the harder it is to envision what’s possible and the less creative my thinking becomes. Personally, I seem to get my best ideas walking or driving. My Dad, though, swears by the shower (so THAT’s what he was doing in there…I always thought he was just trying to get away from us kids!)

It’s tough to do, especially when you’re under a deadline or with a client, but if you give yourself permission to get out of your head (and away from your computer), you’ll dramatically increase your chances of coming up with truly innovative and creative solutions.