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Stay On Top of Email

By June 18, 2009May 26th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

Awhile back, I e-mailed a business query to a good friend who runs a highly successful web development firm. She replied and then, several weeks later when she hadn’t heard from me, she followed up to make sure I’d gotten her e-mail. I was wowed – talk about customer service! I immediately asked “How’d you track that?” Here’s what she replied:

Ok here is the system, and it’s free.
Keep open ended issues in the inbox.
Every month go through all the dangling email and follow up by sending out an email that usually gets responded to.
Then I delete the original email reminder and keep the new one around ;0)

I’ve modified her system somewhat – instead of deleting, I transfer resolved issues into different mailboxes (clients, personal, ASMP, etc.) but following her core concept of having nothing stay in your in box but messages that still need action has saved me on several occasions. No wonder her company’s so successful!