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A Social Media Strategy

By May 15, 2009September 14th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

“There are no small decisions in moviemaking.” Change moviemaking to photography and that Sidney Lumet quote can teach us a lot about our photography and the business of.

Jack Hollingsworth, an Austin based Photographer and Content Creation Partner, and a student of social media and marketing, spoke recently at the Picture Archive Council of America conference on Social Networking as the newest place to do business. “Tools in the hand of a craftsperson make art, in the hand of a person without a plan make noise.”

ASMP Strictly Business contributor Leslie Burns Dell’Acqua often says that everything we do is marketing. But photographers marketing without a plan are just sending pictures. As Jack pointed out in his presentation, “It’s not about the picture anymore, it’s about the picture, the personality, the story behind the picture.”

Hollingsworth laid out a strategic Equation for social media marketing, “Build a Fan Base + Content Value + Fan follows = Customers, Clients and Evangelists. “

By the way, ASMP members receive a 15% discount on Jack Hollingsworth’s upcoming workshop Photographer Makeover: leveraging web 2.0 tools and techniques to redefine your business and brand. June 1-4 in Austin, Texas.