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Shahidul Alam: You’re Blocking the Sun

Screenshot of article posted on ArtLinkCross-posted from Artlink. [By Kelly Hussey-Smith] 

“I don’t want to be your icon of poverty, or a sponge of your guilt. My identity is for me to build, in my own image. You’re welcome to walk beside me, but don’t stand in front to give me a helping hand. You’re blocking the sun.”

His disappearance and incarceration catalysed national and international protests and campaigns led by peers, friends, and collaborators—campaigns that were advanced by Shahidul being named a 2018 Time Magazine person of the year, alongside a number of journalists and whistle-blowers persecuted for their work.”

“It is difficult to describe Shahidul’s work through the typical labels of professional practice. While his work traverses activism, art, media and education in innovative and responsive ways, such descriptions tend to compartmentalise and divide rather than reveal the overarching social and political aims of his practice. Whether through establishing a media agency and an educational institution as a way of resisting the hegemony of globalised media, or using the ambiguity of art to voice the unsaid and the unsayable, or candidly challenging autocratic power, it is a practice loyal to context rather than professional rules or expectations.”

Shahidul Alam: You’re blocking the sun

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