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Selling What Makes You Different

By August 10, 2010May 23rd, 2016Strictly Business Blog

My partner Jon and I shoot photos mainly for the alternative energy market.  This is our niche, and we spend a lot of time following the industry and thinking about how we can better serve the people we want to work for.  Often we are asked to price aerial photography, and often the logistics and cost deter the client in the end.  So we started thinking…how can we help our clients in this area (and by doing that, better help ourselves and our prospects of landing the job)?  Last year we started working on our ability offer aerial images in-house using a remote controlled helicopter with a DSLR attached.  The RC Heli also allows us to offer aerial photography for urban rooftop installations and other areas where flying space might be restricted.  Not only is this a good sell to these companies, but it also creates a spectacle that excites our clients and generates word of mouth.  The questions at the heart of this story are…how can you sell added value to your clients?  What can you offer that the other photographer in your field can’t?  Look for current challenges and future trends…how can you solve these problems in a unique way?  In this day and age, simply having good images is not enough…think outside the box.  It could make those sales a lot more effective.