Searching for Synergies

by | Feb 9, 2011 | Strictly Business Blog

As I was finishing breakfast at a diner in Miami yesterday morning, a stunning visual caught my eye.  The flat screen TV across the room was showing a commercial I’d never seen before and it looked like my studio’s still work come to life in motion.

“Oh my God” I said to my partner, Mike, when he returned from paying the bill “You have got to see this ad.”

When we were back at our computers, we searched the advertiser’s site and YouTube, tried several Google searches and eventually unearthed the ad on Vimeo.   It was posted by someone with 32 other videos under his name.  We looked at other videos he’d posted and found some credits listed.  Then we googled all the people whose names we found – searching for websites, bios, Vimeo accounts, LinkedIn profiles, whatever we could find.

In less than 20 minutes, we’d identified the creative director, the art director and the person who shot this ad.  We’d found other pieces each of these creatives have worked on and learned that one of them teaches at a Media program less than 40 miles from our house, another used to work for one of our clients and the third now works for an agency we have friends at.

It’s a small world, getting smaller.

When we reach out to these guys – and we will – it won’t be because they’re in some database of people who spend money on photography or because they work for some big name agency, even though both those things are true.  It will be because they produced creative work that is so thoroughly in alignment with our vision that we know we need to know them and vice versa.

And when we call them, we won’t be just another photo studio trying to get work.  We’ll be peers who’ve researched their careers, respect their vision and, Oh by the way, know some of the same people they’ve worked with.

The cold call is dead.  Long live intelligent prospecting.