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My Road Map to Success

By May 27, 2010May 24th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

6 months after graduating from photography school, I was lucky enough to attend Strictly Business 2 in Los Angeles.  The timing could not have been better, as I was new to the San Diego area and had just begun to think about setting up my business.  At that point I was an ASMP member but had yet to really utilize or become involved with the organization.  Strictly Business 2 provided two major benefits for me and my company.

One: I met and socialized with members of my local chapter of ASMP who were also attending the workshop and I learned more about what it meant to be involved on the board.  I was invited by the chapter president to attend a board meeting, and since I wanted to continue the relationships I had established at SB2, I agreed.  I am now the VP of the chapter and count my ASMP member colleagues as some of my closest friends.

Two: SB2 provided me with a road map to a successful business.  For someone just hanging out their shingle, this was absolutely priceless.  I received more valuable information in that one weekend than anywhere else in my studies.  Since then, I have implemented as much as possible from the workshop and watched as it took effect.  3 years later, I still refer to my notes from the conference when presented with a challenge.

I can say with certainty that without the SB2 experience my business would not have grown as quickly or as completely as it has, and my support network would not be nearly as large.