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Register Now for ASMP October Workshops

By September 14, 2020October 19th, 2020Strictly Business Blog

In response to member demand, ASMP is bringing back the ASMP Workshop Series in October.

If you want to hone your video production skills, develop a fine art career, produce a long term project, learn more about copyright and licensing, or establish your visual voice and define your audience, these workshops are for you.

And we have a talented group of industry experts – Karen D’Silva, Lou Jones, Jennifer Kilberg, Lynn Kyle, Thomas Maddrey, David H. Wells and Thomas Werner – ready to instruct you on these topics.

October Workshops

Beginning the week of October 19th, the following five-week online workshop series will begin. Click on the link to learn more about the workshop and register. Workshop spaces are limited, so register early.

Taking the Intimidation Out of Video with David H. Wells

Mondays 1-3pmET

In this class, you will make a video, working as a one-person band, gathering video, ambient audio, performing interviews, and using photographs. You will explore the gear required for audio and video capture as well as options for software for editing motion picture content into final videos. You will produce a short film during the class in order to apply the lessons of the class.


Fine Art Photography – The Art Market, Galleries, Museums, and Alternative Ways to Market and Sell Your Work with Thomas Werner

Tuesdays 1-2pmET

Each week,  Thomas will walk you thorough a new aspect of the fine art world, and over the course of the workshop, you will work on developing a pathway for you to begin promoting and exhibiting your work! You do not need to have a project ready to exhibit in order to take this workshop. You can discuss the kind of images you are making and those that you would like to create as you define the best choices for you and your work. By the end of the workshop, you will have put together a plan with concrete steps on how to move forward with your fine art career.


Copyright and Licensing: The Photographer’s Guide with Tom Maddrey

Thursdays 12-1pmET

While you may know the basics of copyright, this course goes much deeper, covering the best way to register (with live demonstrations), what mistakes can you make that will invalidate your registrations in court, how to write an effective license agreement that gets you paid, how to identify where and how your work is being infringed, and, most importantly, how to put a value on your most important asset — your copyrights. 



Registration Fees: $325/members and $450/non-members

Registration open thru October 15.

All workshop sessions will be held on Zoom.

Space is limited so register early.

Submit any questions to

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