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Rediscovering Photo Bliss Through iPhoneography

By April 4, 2012 April 21st, 2016 Strictly Business Blog

For me, iPhoneography is all about restoring a fundamental kind of creative joy that I had as a 12 year old first discovering the magic of image-making.  There is a fluidity to using the iPhone as a camera that is somehow triggering my imagination and visual responsiveness to the world around me.

While none of these images may be fully “professional grade”, I find they are similar to the sketches that an artist might do to begin to figure out how he or she wants to paint a scene before them.  I respond to light, color, and moments of human encounter going on all around me.  The “camera” can be disguised as a phone or music listening platform so others aren’t even aware of my using it as a camera.  Thus I can get closer to natural moments without being tripped up fully by an application the “Heisenberg principle”; namely that the mere act of observation changes the reaction being observed (a gross simplification, sure to offend physicists everywhere).

At any rate as I have begun my personal iPhoneography journey, I have settled on three apps in particular as being useful and entertaining.

Instagram-147x150 Instagram as a place to post and share my best images.  I still like the simplicity of this application and the way it functions to enable quick captioning and sharing of images.  It also offers some basic image effects that can alter a scene in fun ways.




PhotoForge-150x150 PhotoForge 2 as a way to quickly do basic tweaking of the image.   It is the closest thing I have found to Adobe Photoshop, although I should put on the caveat that new apps are coming along continuously to make the editing of images an easier process, while also offering more sophisticated controls.




HipstaAwesomeA tie between Hipstamatic and Camera Awesome.  Hipstamatic continues to be my primary tool for creating specific effects.  I love its versatility and the way that new possibilities are being continuously added as Hipstapaks, although admittedly each addition is another cost.  Camera Awesome is a product of SmugMug, a photo sharing service.  I like it because I can lock exposure and focus easily in one touch.


Have fun and rediscover your inner child, photographically-speaking.

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