Are You Ready for the Next Social Media Trend?

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Strictly Business Blog

Social media is real-time communication and it just got real. Meerkat and Periscope are two hot new social media apps available for iOS devices. The growing trend of video and social sharing in our daily life just took the next step.

Both applications deliver streaming real-time video to your Meerkat or Periscope communities. It’s real-life as it happens. What is the difference between these new apps and other video streaming services? It’s much more casual, very easy to use, and it’s real social media. People watching your broadcast can communicate with you and each other in real-time. These apps offer live streaming content and it’s addictive.

One powerful use of social media is to develop yourself as an expert in your field. I’ve seen many social media platforms take off and wished I had established my position earlier or stayed with the platform. We are now in the early days of the wild west of a new social media opportunity. If you want to make your mark, this might be your chance.

You can video blog about photography concepts and ideas. Build relationships and trust with a peek behind the scenes. A few photographers like Jeremy Cowart and Brian Matiash shared their studios and workspace while answering questions on Periscope. Scott Kelby and Terry White have shared presentations and information through Periscope. Photographers can answer questions, share tips and display a little of their everyday life as a photographer.

I prefer using Periscope because it keeps your video online for twenty-four hours after you end your broadcast. Once a Meerkat stream is over, that’s it.  I also like to download my videos for future sharing. I’m very enthusiastic about these platforms and I see much potential.

Currently, these apps are only available on iOS, but they will soon launch on Android. What are you going to do with this new technology?