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Quick Tip Week – Let’s Start With Jamey Stillings

By June 15, 2009May 26th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

© 2009 Jamey Stillings

This photograph by Jamey Stillings of the Colorado River Bridge appeared in yesterday’s New York Times Magazine. I stubbled upon it over my morning coffee and it changed my day. A beautifully executed image and a fascinating subject coalesced and I craved more. I went to Jamey’s web site and viewed the entire portfolio. I know Jamey, he is an ASMP member living and working in Santa Fe. I asked him how this project happened and how the image landed in the NY Times Magazine this Sunday. Turns out, Jamey made it happen. He saw the bridge, was wonder struck by it and started photographing. He wanted to expand the project and get more access, so he approached the NY Times through his rep about doing a photo essay. It took a few weeks, but armed with a letter of assignment, Jamey acquired the necessary permits and permissions to get closer to the bridge construction. The logistics of gaining access to a project like this are overwhelming, but Jamey used his skills as a producer of many advertising photographs to pull together a supportive team and made this project a reality. What is the quick tip here? Find a photography passion and make it happen.