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Quick Tip: Jake Stangel’s Advice to Photographers Struggling for Assignments

Image: Jake Stangel

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[by David Walker]

In our story called “How Top Photographers Conquer Self-Doubt,” Jake Stangel was one of several photographers who shared his advice about how to keep going when the phone isn’t ringing. Here’s what he told us:

“[As a young photographer] I would go do a ton of meetings in New York and come back [home] and my phone wouldn’t ring. And instead of taking that as negative reaction, it was just a signal to me to shoot more. It was a clear illustration that my work wasn’t where it needed to be.

“So I picked up my camera and I shot more work, focused on photo essays and narrative, since this was the type of work I hoped to be assigned. That gave me a reason to go back to New York in six months or a year and meet with the same photo editors. I would put these new projects on my website and say ‘Hey, this is a new project I shot.’ And more and more, photo editors would take meetings with me, I started to get assignments.

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