Quick Reference: ASMP Town Hall & Webinar Video Archives

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Strictly Business Blog, Webinar Archives, Webinars, Weekly Webinars

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To make it easy for those who may miss any live events, or those who just want to rewatch recordings of events attended, ASMP has created this quick reference list of town halls and webinars.

While some of town halls and webinars may be recorded for public access to provide critical COVID-related information to the broader creator community, the majority of the ASMP webinar content is member only, and members will need to log in to access those specific webinar videos.

Note: If you have issues accessing videos, you may need to logout and log back in to avoid redirect errors.

2021 Town Halls

8.25.21 Town Hall: Latest COVID Updates / PPP Forgiveness

04.09.21 Town Hall: Recent Fair Use Cases and the Latest on PPP

03.12.21 Town Hall: Principles of Negotiation for Visual Content Creators

01.22.21 Town Hall: The New Stimulus Updates and Changes – PPP, EIDL, and Unemployment

01.08.21 Town Hall: Taxes for 2020

2021 Webinars

05.05.21 ASMP How to Portfolio Review

04.14.21 Video Storytelling for Photographers

03.31.21 Estimate and Licensing Critique with Wonderful Machine

02.24.21 Copyright Registration: 5 Things All Photographers Need to Know

01.27.21 Webinar: The CASE Act is Law! So, What’s Next?

2020 Annual Member Meeting

12.18.20 Annual Member Meeting

2020 Town Halls

ASMP Sony Town Hall No. 21: Personal and Business Finance, Investing. Retirement & Estate Planning

ASMP Sony Town Hall No. 20: Changes and Updates on PPP Loans, EIDL program, and Your Questions Answered

ASMP Sony Town Hall No. 18: ASMP’s Health and Safety Guide: COVID-19 Protocol for Visual Creators

ASMP Sony Town Hall No. 17: The Latest Updates to PPP, EIDL & More

ASMP Town Hall No.16: Meet ASMP’s New CEO James Edmund Datri

ASMP Town Hall No. 15: Copyright, PPP, EIDL & Your Questions

A Special Juneteenth Town Hall Conversations: Generations in the Making – A Reckoning with America’s History

ASMP Town Hall No. 13: The Movement and the Moment – A Town Hall in Two Parts

A Special ASMP Town Hall: 1968-2020 – America Again at a Crossroads

2020 Webinars

Canon Business Series: Working Smarter Not Harder in 2021

Canon Business Series: Licensing & Copyright – A Conversation

Canon Business Series: COVID-19 and Safety on Set

Canon Business Series: Pitching By Design

Sony FS 4K /FX 5K Video Cameras Training with Tom Cubby

ASMP & NPPA Present: “The Movement – Photographs of the Racial Justice Protests for Black Lives”

From Pre to Post – Crushing Deadlines and Growing Your Client Base with Faster Collaboration and GlobalEdit

RF Lens Mount – A Look in Front of What’s Behind Canon’s Mirrorless Cameras

Marketing and Mindfulness: Now More than Ever

Getting Back to Work – What Does that Mean and What Will it Take?

Panel Discussion: A Candid Conversation About Pricing in a COVID World

Bob Krist on Creative and Professional Evolution

To view more, go to ASMP Webinars or ASMP Webinar Archives (member only content – login required).

Any questions about accessing video content, please submit to communications@asmp.org.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]