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ASMP and SPE Invite Participation in 2018-2019 State of Photographic Education Survey

In collaboration with the Development Committee of the Society for Photographic Education (SPE), ASMP is pleased to unveil a survey seeking to assess the state of photographic education.  Our partnership on this important project began several months ago when National Board Chair Luke Copping and Executive Director Tom Kennedy were invited by SPE Executive Director James Wyman to contribute to the shaping of the survey.

The survey is seeking feedback from all involved in providing education for photography in the broadest sense, meaning those who teach courses in photography, as well as related fields, like videography, photo editing, post-production, multimedia etc.  We envision that this survey would encompass not just full-time educators, but those who teach part-time as part of their own career mix.  It is not limited to those working in higher educational institutions, but can include members who are teaching at workshops, community colleges, or other academic venues.

We ask you now to take 12 minutes out of your day to complete the survey here.

Your responses are highly valued and critically important to the future of our profession.  As a survey participant, you will receive the data collected from the survey once it has been compiled. By completing the survey, and sharing the data with you, we can all get a better understanding of the state of photographic education, and its current trends and needs. Our goal is to provide this data as an ongoing, valuable resource for the evaluation of your own educational program, and to help you effectively plan for the future.

Your identity and contact information will be kept confidential and not distributed in data results. You may also choose not to respond to any questions on the survey for any reason.

We encourage you to share this survey with all of your colleagues and associates, or anyone you feel might like to participate and benefit from seeing the results.

In addition to distributing the results directly to you, SPE plans to report on—and discuss—the findings of the survey at the Society for Photographic Education’s (SPE) 56th Annual Conference, The Myths of Photography and the American Dream, (March 7-10, 2019) in Cleveland, OH, with ASMP participating as well.

Thank you for completing this survey, and SPE wants you to know you are welcome to attend their annual conference next March.

Sincerely yours,

Luke Copping, Chair, Board of Directors, ASMP
Tom Kennedy, Executive Director, ASMP
James Wyman, Executive Director and Development Committee Chair, SPE
Claude Baillargeon, Chair, Board of Directors and Development Committee Member, SPE
Bill Gratton, Development Committee Member, SPE
Joe Lavine, Manager of Educational Services, Profoto; Development Committee Member, SPE
Therese Mulligan, Administrative Chair, Professor Photographic Arts & Sciences, RIT; Development Committee Member, SPE


Featured Image: Bob Rives

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