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Questions With A Pro: Nick Nacca

By August 3, 2017April 24th, 2018Questions with a Pro, Strictly Business Blog



Image © Nick Nacca

Today’s Questions with a Pro features photographer Nick Nacca. With clients like Ford and P.F. Chang’s, as well as a bunch of Addy’s to his name, Nick is a well known fixture in the commercial photography scene. We talked to him about his creative process, his style and how he keeps motivated.

We Asked: You have a very distinct lighting style and a unique way of featuring that style on your website. How did you arrive at this particular style and way of showcasing it?

Nick Said: I’ve had two light bulb moments in my career. #1 was when I made the switch to digital capture in 1999. I discovered I could control light by shooting multiple frames while re-positioning the lighting for each, then compositing them in post. During that process I thought it would be interesting to display images on my site by fading between two different versions of each image.

We Asked: Why did you decide to include motion as part of your business? What steps did you take to assure that your motion style completely matched your still photography style?

Nick Said: The clients are driving the bus. One of my regular accounts was pushing me to shoot motion. The creative director wanted her product videos to have the same lighting style and quality as my still images. I started testing and light bulb moment #2 hit me. I realized I could animate the multiple still captures to create movement. It was the logical next step in my visual approach. Instagram is proving to be a good vehicle to show these short animated sequences.

We Asked: What do you do to get, or stay, inspired?

Nick Said: For me occasionally disconnecting from technology really helps to stay creative & motivated. I commute to and from the studio by bike on most days. The route I take goes through quiet neighborhoods. It’s my daily escape. Creative and problem solving ideas just pop into my head. Also, my wife and I like to go camping with our little travel trailer.

We Asked: What’s the number one piece of advice you would give emerging photographers entering the market today?

Nick Said: Find your visual style and apply it to everything you shoot. This will take time so keep shooting.

You can see more of Nick’s work on his website.

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