ASMP — American Society of Media Photographers

Protecting Your Rights: USCO Registration & CASE Act Roundtable on Oct 24 in New York


Join in an industry roundtable discussion on the best ways to protect your creative work with Pixsy CEO Kain Jones, ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy, and Tatsuya Adachi of Leichtman Law. Protecting your copyrights is a hot topic this year with the CASE Act going through Congress and Supreme Court ruling you must have a United States Copyright Office (USCO) registration in place before filing suit on infringements.


Learn more about:

  • why every creative should register their work with USCO
  • how the Supreme Court ruling requires copyright registration for infringement litigation
  • the CASE Act’s current status through Congress, and how a small claims process would enable photographers to enforce their rights
  • the impact of image theft on the photography industry
  • how services like Pixsy can help you find infringements and streamline copyright registration

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