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ASMP — American Society of Media Photographers

Promote Your Work at ASMP

Let ASMP assist you with promoting your work.

ASMP knows that promoting your work can be a full-time activity that consumes both time and money – both of which have limits. So, we want to remind you that ASMP  has many ways to assist you as a member with the promotion of your work that include our inhouse apps and Strictly Business blog series – ASMP Bookshelf, Member Spotlight, Member Projects, etc.

Find A Photographer – All Professional members are eligible to set up a Find A Photographer portfolio to promote creative work. The Find A Photographer portfolios are accessible for review by outside entities such as agencies and potential clients.

Find An Assistant – All members are eligible to create a Find An Assistant profile that can be viewed by outside businesses and members seeking assistants. Some ASMP chapters promote their local members’ Find An Assistant profiles on their chapter sites which are visited by local business entities seeking assistants.

ASMP Bookshelf – If you have written a book or someone has written a book about you and your work, we would love to share that information with the world. Please submit book details – title, cover image, description, links to purchase the book, etc., – so we can feature the book on our ASMP Bookshelf.

Member Events – While ASMP promotes National and chapter events to members and non-members, ASMP has created a page – Member Events – to promote member events, such as, exhibitions, workshops, etc.  Submit your event.

Member Spotlight  – Do you have an image that was selected for a cover in the print or digital arenas? Or  have you won an award or been recognized for your work in a professional forum? Submit the details so we can feature you in a Member Spotlight post.

Member Projects – Do you have a personal project you have been working on? Submit the details and we will post a feature in our  Member Projects blog series.

Featured Image – If you have an image that you would like to share with the world via the ASMP website and social media channels, we invite you to submit the image that will be placed as a featured image in an article, newsletter, and/or social media. Submit your image.

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