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Prepping Images for Multimedia and Video

By June 11, 2009May 26th, 2016Strictly Business Blog

I am often asked the question about the best way to prep still images for a “motion” project. Like anything else there are differences in opinion as to color space, size and type of file. With that said – here is how I prep my still photos in Photoshop.

  1. Size images between 2100 and 2600 pixels. Remember everything ends ups as a horizontal on a TV screen. So these dimensions are for images that are horizontal. Vertical or square images will be smaller. There are preset sizes for film and video as well. I size them larger than need be so that I can zoom in or out or pan and scan Ken Burns style.
  2. 72 Res because they will be seen on monitors
  3. Color space – I use Srgb
  4. Pixel Aspect ratio – photoshop images have square pixels – NTSC monitors are non-square. You have to change your pixel aspect ratio. Again there are presets in the pixel aspect ratio box.
  5. Don’t sharpen images
  6. Some people use de-interlace filter – test and see what you like best.
  7. Export as jpeg or tiff if you want to save with layers.
  8. Images with fine lines seem to jitter on the screen.

Test for yourself and see what recipe you like. Different treatments work depending on your likes and what editing platform you are using. But I try to do all my prep work before I import anything in my editing system which is Final Cut Pro.