Predictions for 2016 and Beyond

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Strictly Business Blog

  1. Now, more than ever, photographers need to be thinking about content rather than just photography. “Content” includes still and moving images, sound and words.
  2. There will be less distinction between channels such as “print” or “digital.” Take Live Portrait for example. Like QR codes and other virtual reality apps, it provides an added level of interaction with the viewer and blurs the line between print and video.
  3. The word “photographer” will change. Maybe it will be “image maker” or “content maker” or “capturer.” Whatever it is, it will reflect the expanded capabilities of the role.
  4. Simultaneous still and moving capture will be the price of entry.
  5. The world will continue to go mobile. I have no doubt that somewhere, somehow, someone is developing a mobile app that will make it easy for buyers to keep track of content producers and their work. (If not, someone please do it!)
  6. There will be less “marketing to” and more “to market.” Millennials and Gen Z will want more control over the experience of finding image makers so it will be about being visible where they’re looking.
  7. The interpretation of “quality” will change even faster. People are already accustomed to looking at images at a small size on a small device that were captured with a cell phone – and are be perfectly happy with them.
  8. Equipment will become more compact and even more automated (see #7) and content makers will have to think of different ways to show their value by doing something that others can’t (until they find a way to replicate it.)
  9. The need to be adaptable will continue to be paramount. Be excited rather than frightened and embrace change.