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Practice “Active” Listening

By July 13, 2011 May 16th, 2016 Strictly Business Blog

Listening, really being present, when in a conversation with another, is one of the most effective business skills you can develop and it is also a gift that you give to your self and to others.

Costing you nothing but your time, attention and practice, developing the ability to truly hear and acknowledge what you’ve heard is a selling and servicing tool that delivers.

Start now. Stop multitasking when in the presence of others. Focus on their words and the meaning behind the vernacular. Be open to what is being communicated. Ask questions and repeat back what you “thought” you heard.

Few people feel listened to in today’s world, and it leads to a sense of not being valued.

Be present, start actively listening and you will value your conversations and relationships more and you in turn will be valued as well.