Post Symposium Thoughts

by | Apr 23, 2010 | Strictly Business Blog

If content is king, distribution is its queen. What does distribution and publication really mean today and in the foreseeable future? How can independent artists exercise their rights and gain fair compensation for the use of their work?

I believe visual artists must adapt. We need to do business more efficiently by creating systems that allow us to be easily found and identified with our visual works.

ASMP has reached 1000 photographers through our symposium and copyright registration workshops and the work will continue. Our hands on workshops are training photographers on the importance of registering their photography and walking folks through the steps to actually do it. Register your work and train a friend to do the same.

Without a searchable image registry, the path forward in image licensing is not possible. ASMP supports the Picture Licensing Universal System’s development of this registry and has donated $180,000 from our Authors Coalition Funds to ensure this happens. The registry will launch this year.

Help us by creating a new marketplace thus establishing new business models that address the needs of the consumer, the artist and the publisher.